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December 17, 2012
My stay at El Corazon was life changing!
Maria and Don Alberto hold the most beautiful space for people to journey with the medicine. I had some very difficult things come up in ceremony and always felt safe discussing them with Maria afterwards. She was able to guide me through my darkest fears with unconditional love acceptance. Life back home is very different. Before my trip I was always looking externally for my purpose, but now I know that simply existing is fulfilling my purpose! All I have to do is be the love that I am and trust that life is guiding me every step of the way. Also, I have started singing again (which I haven't done since I was a kid), and feel my creativity beginning to bloom again. The benefits continue to unfold daily!
All I can really say is follow your heart if you are being called to the medicine... Infinite possibilities are waiting!

November 29, 2012
As the dust settles and everyday life resumes, I'm filled with a reverence and compassion for the people and places around me that can otherwise seem so daunting, or just plain annoying. This feels like a rediscovery, a re-acquaintance with my true nature. I have been asking myself about 'integration' since the middle of my retreat at El Corazon and I realize that the integration I seek is simply me, just being me. What a gift! I am touched so deeply by your generosity of spirit, your welcoming heart. It was instantaneous really, from the moment I walked in the door of your home. I know that everyone else felt the same, I could see it in all the guests at various times during our stay. Again, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Maria, Maestro, Olgis and everyone else helped me remember who I am. This help came from a purity of intent that leaves me in quiet awe and gratitude.

May 4, 2012
I have been much more effective at work since returning from the 5 ceremonies at El Corazon. A day passes by before I know it - it used to drag sometimes for me. Whatever is transpiring at El Corazon has some magical properties associated with it. My confidence level in my daily life has increased substantially.
Having the village (Genaro Herrera) available during the retreat proved to be something extra special.
Many Thanks,

February 8, 2012
Maria's devotion to serving others through the path of Amazonian Medicine and Mindfulness is something that a growing number of people treasure and cherish in their hearts. Having been in partnership with her for a duration of 2 years, I can say with confidence that I have never known a woman who pours so much courage, vitality, joyful radiance, and love into her work. She is a faithful friend and an inspiration in my life. Her soothing voice and soulful icaros are a solace and guiding light through the many journeys and dreams of the ayahuasca ceremonies. I will always hold Maria in my heart. Thank you so much!
Lucas T.

January 31, 2012
I can already say that visiting El Corazon has been a pivotal experience in my life. I felt very guided to go there by a series of wonderful synchronicities, and I am so grateful that I heeded this guidance and went. Staying at El Corazon is a pleasure--the house is bright, airy and relaxing; the village is serene and set against the beautiful backdrop of the rainforest; and Maria is a wonderful host, always working to make sure everyone is comfortable and available to help and talk with guests.
Maestro Don Alberto is a healer and Maestro beyond comparison, and I am honoured to have met him. Anyone lucky enough to participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony with Maestro is truly safe to journey with the medicine and undergo any variety of transformations. Maestro's wisdom, gifts and loving protection are profound and he is a blessing to each person who works with him. Maria really shines during the ceremonies, and she brings clarity, compassion and genuine dedication to her shamanic practice that is beautiful to experience. Katya's gifts of yoga during the tour and her loving and insightful support during ceremonies were also a huge help for me and other guests on the tour. Maria has created a wonderful space of healing for her guests to experience Ayahuasca shamanism. I would recommend El Corazon to anyone who feels guided to explore this incredible world of medicine on their journey.
Thank you Maestro, Maria and Katya!
love, Monique M.

November 26, 2011
I've spent a long time trying to find the words of appreciation for my experience at El Corazon, and what I've come up with is this: I've never been so happy to be alive! Thank you so much. See you again in April 2012.
Chalres L.

Septemebr 2, 2011
You are truly in the hands of the Masters at El Corozan. The facilitators have all spent their lifetimes dedicated to mastering the art of deliberate and joyful living. The retreat centre provides the experience of true village life including daily market trips, interaction with locals, daily river swims and a boat tour. The spiritual journey provided at El Corozan is a combination of yoga, meditation, sound circles and shamanic ceremonies. These experiences will give you a uniques opportunity to connect with your spirit and break through the limtations of the past. It is a truly life altering experience.
Tony A.

August 25, 2011.
Dearest Maria and Lucas,
Thank you for opening your beautiful home, your hearts and your beautiful practice with us. This has been such a challenging, eye-opening, heart-opening, enlightening process. You've shared such a beautiful place with us and this experience will alsways be in my heart, and be a part of who I am. I wish you all my best in your continued journey to share your practice, music and love with the world, thank you for your love, courage and determination in doing this work.
With love and admiration,
Hera L.

August 25, 2011
Dear Maria and Lucas,
Thank you for all the support and wonderful energy you have provided for us during our stay at El Corazon. I appreciate you answering all my questions and giving us the space to be ourselves. Your bright shining hearts show through always.
Anna M.

August 25, 2011
Thank you for guiding us on this amazing journey to opening our hearts and minds into uncharted realms of healing and home. Your passion, creativity and energy is much appreciated and is an inspiration to all.
Lots of love.
Darren M.

April 2, 2011.
I went to Peru with the intention of receiving healing and guidance through ayahuasca. I was not disappointed. That being said it was not an easy or completely "light" experience. Although it was quite balanced in the end, it was very difficult for me at times. The medicine is very potent and I was asked to look at and experience aspects of my life that I would rather have glossed over or ignored. What made this possible was a combination of the calm of the setting and the open generosity of the people who were leading the ceremonies. The Maestros are wise people with an abundance of experience who trust in their medicine. They did not create any unnecessary layers of pretentiousness or draw attention to themselves. They simply created a safe environment, did their work, and allowed each participant the freedom of the medicine's guidance. I felt nurtured and guided by their trust and straightforwardness. I felt like I was given room to be myself and to allow the medicine to work through me as it needed to. They were attentive without being invasive and helpful without coddling. It was a great comfort to have Maria and Lucas as translators and guides. Their sharing and openness made it easier for me to trust that this experience would lead me where I needed to be led. My experience with the Shamanic Dieta was that it allowed me to focus more deeply on my healing. My experience with the Ayahuasca itself was that she is a great living entity who wants nothing more than to guide souls back to the authentic experience of their true nature. While it was almost insanely challenging and difficult at times it was also lovely, peaceful and full of a radiant joy much of the time. The space that Maria has created at El Corazon allowed me to enter both of these spheres I have within me (the dark and the light) and emerge feeling grounded, focused and more aware of who I am and why I am here.

Thank you!

Justin T

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