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Types of shamans

-Ayahuascero - someone who can prepare ayahuasca brew from its principal ingredients (Ayahuasca vine, chakruna leaves, mapacho, to) and who can conduct a ceremony. Studies under a teacher by participating in hundreds of ceremonies. Knows icaros, can maintain space in the ceremony, conduct energies and interact with spirits.
-Curandero - as above, but is also able to facilitate healing process during the ceremony and aid one's personal cleansing, purging and transformation.
-Palero - a shaman that not only uses main ayahuasca ingredients, but is also knowledgeable of medicinal trees and has deep connection to the tree wisdom which he uses in the ceremony to induce healing and learning.
-Sananguero - a shaman that works with the Sanango tree and is able to conduct diets and ceremonies using sanango to facilitate healing and learning.
-Brujo - a shaman that utilizes ayahuasca for ego-oriented purposes rather than for helping others

Shamanism: intro

Amazonian Shamanism

Role of the shaman

Shamanic Diet


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