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About the House of El Corazon and facilities

The retreat house is located on the edge of the village, overlooking a soccer field and the jungle. Within 10 minute walk are river Ucayali, qebrada (jungle creek for swimming) and the jungle trails. A great advantage of location is that you will have an opportunity to experience rural village lifestyle, go to a market early in the morning, visit local restaurants and interact with the villagers.

For your safety, there is a hospital in the village as well as a small police station.




We have 3 bedrooms equipped to host 6 guests. The sleeping quarters include bunk beds and shelving units. In addition, there is a guest house for four more persons. Each bed will be protected with an individual mosquito net for a bug-free peaceful rest.


The 8x7 meter living room serves as the studio for yoga classes, workshops and ceremonies. There are plenty of hammocks in the house and in the yard for lounging and napping. The house is well protected with mosquito netting from all sides for a bug-free space. Large windows face East so that you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise while meditating or doing your morning yoga practice.


We are focused on sustainability and environmental awareness. All biodegradable waste is composted, we minimize waste and recycle to a possible extent. Please focus on leaving no trace, while visiting the village.
We are currently developing sources of sustainable energy to provide solar-powered electricity for the house. We also have been educating the villagers about sustainability, recycling and waste management. Our long-term dream is to develop sustainable waste-management system for the village.
The house is fully equipped with washroom, sink and shower. There is fresh dining area overlooking the backyard. There is a well, with a shady lounging area by its side, where you can have some quiet relaxing time or have a refreshing bucket shower.

kitchen lavatory field


The staff
We hire local staff and buy locally to support local economy. All the furniture in the house has been made locally as well.
The house has guards, cleaning and cooking staff, friendly and helpful, they will gladly teach you some Spanish.

Most of the products used in the meals are grown locally without using any chemicals or pesticides. The soils are rich in nutrients and minerals and the sun gives plenty of energy for plants to grow. We serve local eggs, fish and chicken, however vegetarian and vegan options are available. Fresh driniking water is available 24/7 throughout your stay at El Corazon.

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