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"Ayahuasca and Mindfulness" by Maria Andreeva


Why is mindfulness important


Mindfulness is the practice of becoming more aware of how we experience the present moment. Instead of reacting to various thoughts and feelings, we learn to become aware of them as the observer, rather than as the possesive 'I'. In the daily practice of mindfulness, we learn to be present and embrace the preciousness of this moment by focusing on that which is dierctly in our expereince and giving our best to that which we are doing right now.

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We take time to really notice our own breath - the connecting link to the present moment, the subtlety in the taste of our food, or in the texture of a fabric, or in a shade of light. We also become aware of the way our body moves when we walk, and we learn how to listen deeply to others when we are conversing. Instead of multi-tasking and rushing through each day, we decide in each moment to bring our minds attentively to the one thing we are doing.

Being mindful means we listen attentively to our bodies and observe all the sensations that take place. As our body awareness grows, we slowly learn the wisdom of equanimity.
Mindfulness can sometimes bring us joy, peace, and happiness. Yet, we may also have to confront many fears, addictions, and pain hiding in our bodies. By doing this, we eventually learn how to remain calm and present even with all the challenges we may be facing in our lives.

During the retreat you will have an opportunity to sharpen your mindfulness skills through contemplative practices such as meditation, walking in the jungle, photography and simple daily practices such as mindful eating. It is always fascinating to discover the simple beauty that exists so close in our immediate surroundings.


In Sanskrit “yoga” means union, a union of individual with the whole, which comes through developing a union between the body and the mind. The practice of yoga extends far beyond the physical exercise. Much of yoga practice rests on breath awareness and bringing the mind and the body into a healthy state so that one can maintain an enduring awareness of the present moment, which in turn brings fulfillment and happiness.

During the retreat you will have an opportunity to fine-tune your yoga practice through daily exercises. Many have observed that practicing yoga and meditation prior to Ayahuasca ceremonies contributes to the depth and breadth of the experience and, more importantly, increases the ability to maintain focus during the ceremonies and to be able to navigate one’s psyche more effectively.

Some of our retreats will have guest yoga teachers that focus on a specific style of yoga. Please see the specific tours for details.


For centuries certain cultures have been using sound for healing, personal exploration and shamanic journeying. To this date, sounding plays an intrinsic role in various shamanic traditions. Certain sounds resonate deeply with our subconscious as they remind us of different stages of human life.  For example,  the sound of a mother’s heartbeat and breathing inside the womb can be recreated by using instruments such as the buffalo drum and ocean drum. If used properly in the right context, they can bring one into a state where one re-lives the experience of being inside the womb. Maria and Lucas have been studying sound facilitation/healing at the TorontoSoundSource and have been facilitating Sound Ceremonies and Workshops since 2009.

During the retreat you will have an opportunity to:
- Experiment with various instruments with an intent of providing healing for yourself and others.
- Mindfully listen through improvisational sounding.
- Open your own unique voice in a safe and supportive environment.


There is nothing more exciting than to allow creativity to flow freely from one’s heart onto a medium, whether it is a paper, a canvas, a film, clay or an object. Creativity has no defining boundaries as to how it manifests. Expressive art allows one to be fully present as it witnesses the beauty and sacredness of color and form.
You will have an opportunity to unleash your creativity during the retreat. We offer paints, crafts, clay, and other materials for you to use.
Some retreats will have a guest artist that will be offering workshops. Please see specific tours for details.


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