Medicinal Trees and Plants of the Amazon

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  1. Rohit says:

    Hello. I currently live in Toronto. After hearing about Ayahuasca recently, i’ve done a lot of research and found the benefits of this medication to be of immense importance. I personally am not able to go to places like Peru or Brazil, but was wondering if there are any ceremonies in Canada or US.

    I also read that you have local gathering for meditation, and would love to join in and learn from your experiences.


    • Masha says:

      Hello Rohit!
      I just found your post on our El Corazon Tours blog.
      There will be a public talk today on Amazonian Ayahuasca Shamanism, led by me.
      It is at 6pm at Origo Bookstore, if you can still come, it would be great!
      Here are more details about the talk:

      As to the meditations and gatherings, we just had some nature outings, and I will be leaving back to Peru soon, but I will add you to our e-mailing list, if you wish, and will keep you posted on the upcoming events.

      Peace and light,

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