We have a Sanango tour coming up at El Corazon, and I thought I’d share some info about this beautiful wise medicine.

Sanango is a very powerful white medicine. The bark from the Sanango
root is dieted, somewhat similar to a regular barks diet, but instead
of taking barks four evenings in the row, one takes Sanango three
nights in the row, at 3am. Traditionally no Ayahuasca ceremonies take
place during the Sanango diet, as Sanango gives it’s own form of
Mareacion. It is very different from aya, there are no strong visions,
but Sanago definitely has a strong presence, very fine, but very
thorough. Once taken, it tastes pretty hot. Some compare it to ginger,
some – to licking a car battery 🙂 It aggravates secretion of saliva
and digestive juices, and sometimes mucus and tears. Sometimes
vomiting may occur. All this secretion usually passes within 30
minutes. The following morning some people may find themselves in a
strange physical condition, where control over body has become
questionable. Muscles go limp, or cramp, bones disappear, eyes don’t
focus, tongue doesn’t move – that is Sanango medicine working in the
body and straightening energies. It brings a lot of inner heat and is
known for healing nervous system and joint ailments. Usually by the
second half of the day coordination normalizes.
Not everybody goes through the physical trials of Sanango, but if they
do come, the best thing is to just patiently let the medicine do it’s
work and take lots of showers.
Sanango steadily moves through very deep layers of one’s psyche,
straightening anything that gets in it’s way, removing old obstacles
and helping one establish more solidity and clarity in one’s journey.
The deep effects of Sanango usually continue to unfold in one’s life
for many months to come.
Once the Sanango diet is complete and the salt is taken, we proceed to
Ayahuasca ceremonies to receive the visions of the work that took
place and to help open-up to the levels of vibration that Sanango
prepared us for.
In Amazonian Shamanism Sanango is seen as one of the most respected
medicine spirits, Abuelo Sanango, Grandfather Sanango – he has a long
white beard, is very wise and strict, his universe is medicine and he
is a fantastic teacher.
I deeply admire Sanango medicine, every time I dieted Sanango, I faced
some deep personal challenges, but every time once they were
transcended, I came out full of gratitude, clarity and renewed sense
of direction in my life.

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