The site!


After two months of ploughing through html, css and javascript I can happily announce that our website is now flying through the world wide web! Special, BIG thanks to Oleg Samus, who helped me through my web-building difficulties and who counseled me on late evenings on how simple logic is the foundation of programming.

My good friend Lucas is a hero, as for two months I was grinding his ears about the website. On top of that, he was writing his articles for the website and reviewing mine.

Kate Russ, who is now settling in Cuzco, is spinning the wheels of progress – our flyers are already hanging in strategic locations around Cuzco. Kate has arrived in Peru two weeks ago, and she already teaches yoga, and offers workshops in Healing Arts Center. If you’re in Cuzco – go see Kate, you’ll get such a zap of vitality and inspiration!

Mom – this might sound trivial, but I have the best mom in the world! You might meet her on some of the tours, and you’ll know what I mean. Mom stayed with me at El Corazon this January, an celebrated her birthday on a Shamanic Diet, in a ceremony. Mom likes Peru, Jenaro-Herrera and Ayahuasca. Mom has lots of love, and not just for me. Through her patience, wisdom and support, she is also my teacher.

Oh, by the way, “el corazon” means “heart”



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