El Corazon
We are dedicated to uniting traditional Amazonian Ayahuasca Shamanism with mindfulness training, such as yoga, meditation and sound therapy. The ceremonies are led by Maestro Alberto Davila Torres who has been practicing Amazonian Shamanism for over 30 years. We offer stimulating, safe and transformative experience in the ceremonies, and yoga and meditation practices during the daytime allow you to deepen and expand your experience with ayahuasca and help you bring mindfulness into the ceremonies as well as into your daily life. The daytime program is coordinated and led by well-trained and experienced instructors who provide you with necessary foundation for making the retreat most fruitful.

The retreat are offered in small groups of 6 to 15 people, which offers more privacy and ensures that each guest receives individual and close attention throughout their transformational process.

Community: We collaborate closely with the villagers of Jenaro-Herrera for the sourcing of food, supplies and labour, thus supporting the local economy. We also offer ceremonies for the villagers at a very low cost. Part of the profit goes towards the waste management project for the village.

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